Living Well Academy Case Study by Maureen

Adult Mental Health Aware Course

The Living Well Academy delivers a range of training from Mental Health First Aid England, this case study is from Maureen who attended our Adult Mental Health Aware Course.

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I attended the Adult Mental Health Aware course as I wanted to have a wider knowledge of the subject.  I believe we are at a critical stage after lockdown where people in general have been living in very difficult circumstances and have not known how to manage this and have suffered with some form of mental health issue arising. This includes me, my family, friends and colleagues.

I learned that I can be supportive in many ways and have a better understanding of the signs to watch for around Mental Health distress and illnesses.

Since attending the course I have completed my own assessment using the “Stress Container”  tool in the manual I was provided with. I have now revisited it and to my surprise found that there are less burdens and stress triggers in my “Stress Container”, it’s not overflowing and I have managed to put in place a couple of things to lighten my load.

For example; I have a 90 year old Father who lives on his own. I have managed to access a Safe & Sound device from Bradford Council which means I stop worrying every minute of the day about his welfare, and know if he is unwell or has a fall there will be someone on the line to support him initially.

This Stress Container tool has been very valuable to me and I will continue to re visit it ongoing for my personal benefit. I also plan to try and introduce it to my colleagues at work and will have a discussion around this at our next Team “Catch up”.

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