Physical activity case study

Living Well Hero Fozia

For many years Fozia has used bike riding to help her cope emotionally and physically. Whether to seek solace on her own or ride or meeting to chat with others, Fozia is a huge advocate of getting out on a bike and all the benefits it brings.

Fozia’s story:

When we originally went into lockdown, I felt like the world was ending. There were so many conspiracy theories flying about on social media and I was completely overwhelmed, and it did take its toll on my mental health.

I remember thinking that I have all the tools and resources from my training as a transformational coach and wondering if I felt like that, how would the average person be feeling? As I was spending more time on a screen, I could see it was not helping the situation.

Fozia’s hints, tips and ideas:

  • Feel the benefit of combining fresh air and exercise, even if it is just a walk to the post box and back, or a bike around the block, exercise has a positive impact on your health and wellbeing. I love cycling in Lister Park with my daughter, Hanna.
  • Walking gives you time to be with your thoughts and look at the beautiful views around you. It gives you an opportunity to look at things from a more positive angle. Even if it’s just a walk to the shops and back.
  • Exercise is the best way to clear your head. So imagine the benefits of cycling, walking or talking your troubles away with a friend or loved one. Letting go of things that keep you stuck, especially in times like now!
  • I love the outdoors all year round. Seeing the beauty of all the seasons in nature lifts the spirits.
  • To be our best version of ourselves we need to be energised. I believe to be energised and refuelled, you need to be doing something you love.

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