Our highlight report for 2021 is now available

Living Well Highlights Report for 2021

Our highlight report for 2021 is now available – we hope you enjoy reading about the projects we have delivered, now and in the future.

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Living Well Highlights Report for 2021


2021 was an exceptional year for many people, businesses and organisations. The pandemic continued and those of us usually dedicated to driving the Living Well initiative often had our priorities diverted into the Coronavirus response.

For many of our partners outside health and care settings, there has been a resemblance of returning to business as usual and there is now a greater drive and focus to improve the health and wellbeing of others and also to address the inequalities brought to the forefront identified by the pandemic.

In developing our Highlights Report, it’s the hard work of our partners that really shines through. Living Well is not a single team or organisation, it’s a collaboration that shares and coordinates the work everyone in Bradford is doing to make changes for the lives of people, organisations and the physical environment, making it easier to improve health and wellbeing.

Many of our Living Well projects are developed by Public Health and the NHS however, as our network and stakeholder engagement has become increasingly established, we are delighted to see how many more have joined us on this journey, sharing and coordinating their work into Living Well as true partners with a shared ambition.

Living Well is about everyone working together to make it easier for us all to live a healthier and more active lifestyle whichever part of the district you live in.

This report provides highlights of our achievements during 2021, the learning and insights gained and it also includes some of our key ambitions for 2022.

We hope that you will find some inspiring stories and inspiration to contribute healthy changes however large or small within your organisations or workplaces, to make it just that little bit easier for others to live a healthier life.

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Please note this article links to an interactive pdf of our report. If you would like to receive it in another format eg Word document please get in touch with the email above.


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