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Tackling The Digital Divide

Mother and Children Watching a Tablet

Access to digital education remains an inequality in Bradford district and is a source of disruption to learning.

Education is increasingly utilising technology to enhance learning, without access to a laptop or even a phone, children and young people are at a disadvantage.

The Digital Inclusion Programme in Bradford wants to support residents to have access to a device, the internet and the skills to engage in the digital world. This programe involves collaboration from the district in the form of a working group. The programme has contributed to a number of initiatives and have a new Digital Inclusion Officer to support initiatives across the city.

What can you do as a school to support your children and families?

Sign up to the Good Things Foundation , membership is free and includes:

  • Free mobile data through the National Databank for individuals you support, up to 12 months. Available now once you register.
  • Free devices through the National device bank for individuals you support. Theirs to keep and available multiple times across the year.
  • Grant Funding Opportunities register to apply to enable your schools to invest in digital technology or support.
  • Digital Skills Opportunities ‘Digital Friends’ training for staff, volunteers, parents/guardians

For more information and to get involved in tackling the digital divide in your school, contact – Sharon Sanders, 07973 982939 or the digital inclusion officer, Ayisha Hameed, 07484 412622