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Connect PHSE

Connect PSHE is a children's wellbeing curriculum that covers all of the DfE's statutory requirements for PSHE curricula for the primary phase of education. It was developed by an expert team of educationalists and child psychologists and is based on an evidence-based wellbeing model called DNA-V and the well-known Six Ways to Wellbeing. Connect is the only PSHE curriculum in the UK that has been shown to improve children’s wellbeing through robust research trials. And research suggests that teachers really enjoy delivering Connect and believe in it’s ability to positively affect children’s wellbeing. The program includes 252 lessons (all with their own handouts, slides and other resources) – that’s 36 per year from Reception Year through to Year Six. The developers of Connect provide a free full day of live, online training to teachers and schools new to Connect three times per year. To find out more, and to access a free trial, go to Connect PSHE (connect-pshe.org).

Royal Opera House, Bradford 2025

In collaboration with Bradford 2025, The Royal Opera House is bringing our free and award-winning programmes, which inspire the creative confidence of teachers and children, to Bradford schools.
To support Bradford 2025 we aim to:
• Increase high quality arts provision with measurable impacts on children and young people
• Programme large scale performance activity to garner national interest, raising the value of arts in schools
• Conduct high profile research with Born in Bradford exploring how dance can support young people’s wellbeing

Create & Dance (KS1&2) programme includes FREE access to: certified teacher CPD, digital live lessons and high quality teaching resources. It is an inclusive approach to leading dance and storytelling that helps pupils develop creative collaboration, physical learning, spatial awareness and general health and well-being. CPD on 25 April

Create Day (KS2) A free day of song, dance and design activity to celebrate children’s creativity, resulting in a live-streamed mass performance by schools across the nation, on the theme of hope inspired by the UN Rights of the Child.


The Welbee Way

Welbee provides multi award winning support to schools and multi-academy trusts to systematically improve staff wellbeing, to deliver higher staff retention, lower absences, lower costs, and improved student outcomes.

The Welbee Way is a unique 3-step approach that delivers a financial return on your investment.

1. Measure & Track Staff Wellbeing
Evidence-built, independently evaluated, and DfE Education Staff Wellbeing Charter recognised measurement.

2. Take Action
Done for you analysis with recommended actions delivered through an online dashboard differentiate our approach, making it easier to implement changes needed. A report and PowerPoint mean it is also easy to share results with staff, Trustees, Governors, and other stakeholders. For trusts, in addition to all schools having dashboards, there is also one for the MAT, so leaders know where to focus energy and effort.

3. Embed into your culture
Ongoing support, including a 150+ expert resource Wellbeing Toolkit for those working in education, plus the world's first AI wellbeing assistant for all staff.

The Story Project

The Story Project uses the magic of picture books as a portal for children to explore, practice and develop wellbeing skills, whilst also fostering a lifelong love of reading.

We do this by creating accessible, evidence-based lesson plans based around diverse, engaging and popular children's books that cover all the skills children need to learn related to wellbeing and are mapped to age-appropriate reading comprehension skills. Using a story to teach children wellbeing skills allows children to talk openly about topics that can be difficult to discuss because the conversation can be based around the characters experience. This leads to richer conversations, helping children to understand, manage and express big feelings. 90% of teachers report an improvement in children's wellbeing after teaching using The Story Project plans. The Story Project is delighted to have received funding from The Shine Trust to offer FREE training, books and lesson plans to schools in Bradford that meet their eligibility criteria.

To find out more please contact olivia@story-project.co.uk

Trees for Cities

Trees for Cities is the only UK charity working at a national and international scale to improve lives by planting trees in cities and towns. We get stuck in with local communities to cultivate lasting change in their neighbourhoods – whether it’s revitalising forgotten spaces, creating healthier environments or getting people excited about growing, foraging and eating healthy food.

We work to create healthy, accessible, functional and resilient urban forests for today and future generations. As an urban tree planting charity with people at its heart, we have worked with local communities, schools and businesses for over 30 years to establish more than 1.7M trees in towns and cities across the UK and around the world, with thousands of volunteers.

Our vision, ‘Urban Trees for All, By All,’ seeks to harness the power of mass community participation to enable and inspire direct local impact on a national and global scale.

Breakfast Clubs, Greggs Foundation

The Greggs Foundation has a network of over 900 Breakfast Clubs in UK schools. We give schools the freedom and funds to choose nutritious options for their pupils as well provide freshly baked bread donated by their local Greggs shop. Every Breakfast Club is different, feeding small groups to over 100 children each day. Each club is a safe space for children to eat, spend time with their friends and talk with adults in preparation for the school day.
Since the first Breakfast Club opened in 1999, we have grown the programme to reach tens of thousands of primary school children every school day. All schools within our Breakfast Club network benefit from hardship funding to support families in financial crisis with grocery, clothing and energy vouchers, as well as essential home appliances, beds and bedding.
Greggs Foundation Breakfast Club schools can also access Agents of Change, our bespoke free education programme delivered through Rethink Food. The programme aims to reach 50,000 primary school children over three years delivering one million hours of education.
To learn more and apply, please visit www.greggsfoundation.org.uk.

Invictus Wellbeing

Invictus Well-Being provides early intervention mental health & well-being support for children & young people aged 5-18 across West Yorkshire.
All Invictus delivery is person-centred, bespoke and tailored to school/individual needs. 1-2-1 support & group workshops, these interventions can be wellbeing or therapeutic depending on the level needed - offering practical support, guidance and advice.
Our service supports young people with issues such as (but not exclusively) self-harm, suicidal ideation, bereavement & loss, anxiety,
emotional regulation, resilience.
All sessions whether 1-2-1 or groups, will be evaluated and outcome measured which can be reported to school. Invictus practitioners are enhanced DBS checked, fully trained and work within the BACP ethical framework.

Move & Learn

Using movement to improve outcomes for those you teach & train

Our 3 tiered approach will help you develop Move & Learn within your organisation.

1. Our practical book provides school leaders and teachers with the know-how and confidence to embed more movement-based approaches in their teaching and learning.

2. Our online portal is a collaborative resource & community of practice for:
• Schools & teachers
• Initial Teacher Training (ITT) providers & their students
• Active Partnerships & other organisations who support schools

3. Our face to face & online training programmes further develop the support available from our book & online portal. These blend theory & practice, whilst also including coaching & mentoring support from our EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) qualified practitioners. They empower effective leadership on Move & Learn within a school, Trust or locality, ensuring improvements in both the quality of education & the personal development of all. These are bespoke to each locality's requirements and contexts.

Markets and Social Supermarkets

Markets and Social Supermarkets offer fresh and long-life food at a subsidised cost (but not free) to those on lower incomes or who cannot afford full-price food. Access is usually by referral or self-referral and there may be a small membership fee.

HALE - Young People’s Social Prescribing Service

The Young People’s Social Prescribing Service aims to support children by addressing loneliness, improving confidence and self-esteem, and increasing children’s ability to make positive choices to keep them safe and well.

This service is available for those aged 9 – 19:

• living/accessing services (GP, school) within the Bradford Central areas: BD1, BD2, BD3, BD5, BD7, BD8 or BD9
• registered as a patient with an Affinity Care practice (Shipley, Haigh Hall, Cowgill, Sunnybank, The Willows, Westcliffe, Thornton/Denholme)
• registered as a patient with a PCN1 Practice (Windhill, Cliffe Avenue, Saltaire, Idle, Cottingley)

The service offers 1:1 personalised sessions, access to safe/inclusive social activities, and active signposting.
If you are in a school, college, or alternative education setting, you can refer a child by following this link - https://uk.surveymonkey.com/r/M6RF629


Q: What is Tagtiv8?
A: Think of a blend between the ultimate playground game - Tig/Tag - with Maths, English and other subjects.

Tagtiv8 works and plays with:

• EYFS to KS2/3
• whole classes and/or intervention groups

Tagtiv8 empowers teachers to take the learning beyond the classroom walls via:

• sustainable resources and user-friendly planning
• training and activity days


• encourages active learning and reduces sedentary time in the school day
• can be used across the curriculum and links to all schemes of work
• is evidenced with research

Inn Churches - Cooking Hub

Keeping Cooking Skills Alive.

Our aim is to empower, educate and inspire as many people as possible to cook great tasting healthy food for themselves and their families, helping them to understand:

• healthy eating
• food safety in the kitchen
• a range of different cooking methods
• how to improve cooking skills

Our courses are fun, friendly and welcoming. They are suitable for complete beginners, people with all abilities, people who already enjoy cooking and people who are yet to be convinced.

Our kids’ cooking classes are usually for kids aged 7-15, although we can run sessions for younger children aged 4-7.
We deliver courses and workshops both in school and in our own facilities for parents, families, children and teachers, anybody can get hands-on cooking experience, combined with friendly advice on recipes, ingredients, shopping and nutrition, local and seasonal food.
We partner with Jamie’s Ministry of Food to deliver fun and friendly classes using delicious Ministry of Food recipes.

There is a cost for this service.

School Health UK's - Better Lunchtimes Project

Discover the power of a transformed lunchtime experience with School Health UK's (SHUK) Better Lunchtimes Project!

SHUK has been trusted for a decade in schools across the UK in turning lunchtime chaos into calm, providing a positive atmosphere for your entire school community. Enrol with the proven three-step process:

• Initial Review: A comprehensive school visit to observe and evaluate your current lunchtime dynamics.
• Tailored Strategy: A customised plan too embed and enhance your overall lunchtime provision, positively impacting the entire school day.
• Ongoing Support: Receive in-school assistance, a personalised action plan, custom playground zoning, staffing efficiency recommendations, and valuable resources such as staff handbooks and specialised training.

Download a free checklist and embed a Better Lunchtimes at schoolhealthuk.co.uk or call 0344 507 0164.

Magic Breakfast

Magic Breakfast supports and supplements schools to run a universal, barrier and stigma free breakfast provision. They provide and deliver food that meets school food standards, as well as offering support and guidance to optimise the breakfast provision.
Magic Breakfast’s aim is to end child morning hunger and ensure no child starts the day too hungry to learn.
Schools with a pupil premium of 35% or above can apply by completing the expression of interest form. Please note Magic Breakfast have a fixed number of schools they can onboard each academic year, so cannot guarantee that every school that applies will be onboarded.

Healthy Minds - Services Directory for Schools

This aims to make it easier to identify tools, resources and services to support the children and young people in your settings. This is the first in a series of documents which will be developed in collaboration with schools, children and young people, and partners over the coming months.

Children and Families Living Well Service

The Children and Families Living Well Service accept referrals for children aged 2-19 who are above a healthy weight. Friendly, trained advisors, supported by a registered mental health nurse and dietitian, offer six home-based sessions to parents of children under 13 years or they can work more directly with children aged 13 or over.

Advisors work with the whole family to identify ways to work towards their goals of eating well, moving well, sleeping well and feeling mentally well.

Trusted Relationships (1:1 and group work) (Free)

Provided by: Barnardos

We are a young people’s service offering support around Bradford. The main aim of both the 1:1 work and the group work is to deliver preventative work to both schools and communities. Training has taken place with teachers, parents and support staff covering topics such as staying safe, running away/going missing, grooming, sexual exploitation and criminal exploitation

If you are feeling unsafe, pressured or forced into doing things that you don’t want to do….. if you feel that you are starting to lose control of your life

• We’re here to help you stay safe
• To listen to you
• To offer advice and guidance
• To offer support in a way that meets your needs
• To ensure you have your voice heard
• To help without judging you

We work flexibly with young people and we know it may take some time to get to know us

Tel: 01274 513300


Teenage Pregnancy Information (Free)

Provided by: NHS

Becoming pregnant whilst a teenager can be a daunting process for the young person and the school to navigate.

You can stay at school up until the birth and then return to school afterwards.

If you’re pregnant or you’ve had a baby, you’re expected to stay at school and continue education until you finish Year 11. Your school should not treat you any differently.

You’re also entitled to a maximum 16-week break immediately before and after the birth.

You can leave school at the end of Year 11.

But until you’re 18, you still have to either:

- stay in full-time education (for example, at college)
- start an apprenticeship or traineeship
- work or volunteer (for 20 hours or more a week) while in part-time education or training

The law says colleges, universities or your apprenticeship employer are not allowed to treat you unfairly if you’re pregnant or have had a baby.

For more information click:

School Leaving Age

NHS Teenage Pregnancy Info

Supporting Young People Back Into Education (Free)

Provided by: JAMES

JAMES – Positive Futures – Tramshed sessions/Girl Empower Positive choices sessions for children not in full time education.

Working with small groups of young people at our JAMES Keighley base who are struggling to access full time school provision. The programme aims to support young people back into full time school and works on barriers such as confidence and self esteem, safety, bullying, friendships, positive relationships, sexual health, drug awareness, body image, online safety etc.

Tel: 07973101834


Support for individuals from black and ethnic minority communities dealing with mental distress (Free)

Provided by: Sharing Voice Bradford

Sharing Voices Bradford is a community development mental health organisation actively supporting and working with diverse minority communities of Bradford. Sharing Voices delivers a range of service for younger people from 13-24 years of age. We actively work within schools, colleges and universities to provide advice and consultancy, group sessions and also one to one support for younger people.


Specialist Independent Sexual Violence Support (Free)

Provided by: Bradford Rape Crisis

Bradford Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Survivors Service offers a Specialist Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) for Girls & Young women, providing advocacy & support including throughout the criminal justice process.

Tel: 0800 448 0710


Speak Out! Promoting Values of Equality, Democracy and Human Rights (Free)

Provided by: Remembering Srebrenica/Bradford Council

Speak Out! is an education programme for secondary pupils that promotes the values of equality, democracy and human rights, and explores ways in which young people can use their voices constructively for society.

The programme uses a discussion based approach and an element of peer education to explore issues such as harassment, discrimination, and political extremism. The aim is to develop young peoples’ critical thinking skills and empathy in the face of divisive narratives, peer pressure and harmful social norms.

The programmes contains various options which can be purchased together or separately. They are:

- Workshops for Key Stage 3 classes on sexual harassment, democracy and making change, or propaganda and critical thinking.

- Training for peer educators on the Remembering Srebrenica exhibition, including the loan of the exhibition for up to two weeks.

- A new educational film produced by the University of Bradford which supports the exhibition.

- Pupil voice development work.

- A free whole school assembly.


Sexual Violence Support for Girls and Young Women (Free)

Provided by: Bradford Rape Crisis

Specialist sexual violence support for girls and young women in secondary school or college – no pre-set number of sessions or time limits. For girls and young women presenting with a range of complexity including those more vulnerable and at risk of sexual abuse. Individual referrals will be based on clinical and risk assessment, their capacity to give informed consent and their decision about whether they want a service from BRC&SASS.

Experienced, qualified Rape Crisis workers offer flexible weekly one to one support for girls and young women who have disclosed sexual violence of any type at any time in their lives. This includes text, WhatsApp, phone and face to face sessions which can be provided at school, at our Centre and on line. Additional services include counselling, help line and Jyoti services for Black, Asian & Minoritised women & girls.

On line referral form here: Referral form

You can call our help line to discuss potential referrals: 0800 448 0710


Sexual Health Services for Young People (Free)

Provided by: NHS/Locala

The link below provides information about finding contraception, testing for sexually transmitted infections and advice if someone thinks they might be pregnant.

Sexual Health Services-Bradford Council

Click below if needing information to signpost an under 18 person to sexual health services/STI checking/sexual health information in Bradford.

Sexual health services information

School Cycling and Walking Initiatives (Free)

Provided by: Sustrans

Sustrans brings people together to create places with clean air and green spaces, ensuring everyone can thrive in city and town life without ever needing to have to use a car. Sustrans Bradford is the custodian of a wide range of cycle and walking paths, designed to encourage residents to consider active transport when making their commutes to either work, study or leisure. The Sustrans website advertises its wide range of School Cycling and Walking initiatives (including Bike to School Week and the introduction of a School Cycle and Scooter Parking Fund).

Tel: 01179268893

Safe homes and better futures for LGBTQ+ young people (Free)

Provided by: AKT

AKT supports LGBTQ+ young people aged 16-25 in the UK who are facing or experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile environment. They support young people into safe homes and employment, education or training, in a welcoming and open environment that celebrates LGBTQ+ identities.

AKT helps young people:
- Stay safe in a crisis
- Find emergency accommodation
- Access specialist support
- Develop skills, identify and achieve life goals

They do this by providing:
- Access to advice from one of their housing specialists
- Connection to a mentor for one-to-one support
- Access to an emergency support pack or tenancy starter pack
- Accommodation with a specially trained AKT host
- A place to stay in their Purple Door accommodation service
- A safe place with one of our many housing provider partners
- Access to life skills training, events and peer support networks


Step 2 - RSE training and workshops for staff


Step 2 have an established CPD programme offering workshops to professionals. Topics include: Mental Health and Young People – a different approach; Young People and the Online World; Domestic Abuse and the impact on Young People; CSE & Grooming; The impact of Pornography on Young People; Relationships and Sexual Education; Sexual Health and Contraception.

The delivery team for the RSE programme also have a package of training to offer to staff to help them to gain the confidence and knowledge to deliver the RSE programme. Sessions include answering difficult questions, using appropriate language and can relate to any of the subject areas required by the DFE.

Step 2 have several programmes which can be delivered to small groups, often in single gender groups, which can address issues that arise in schools or are identified in RSE lessons.

Step 2 also offer a clinical supervision service for safeguarding leads, pastoral staff and others who deal with the mental health issues of young people on a regular basis. This service will help to support and safeguard the challenging work they do.

Step 2 Young People’s Health – YouTube

Tel: 01274 683118

RSE Health Education Programme (Free)

Provided by: JAMES, Hale and Step 2

In March 2021, we announced our partnership with HALE and JAMES to provide a new and updated formula for Bradford schools to deliver their Relationships, Sex and Health Education. As a part of this programme, the partner organisations have employed a qualified teacher and specialist youth workers to deliver the programme to Bradford Secondary schools, in line with DFE guidelines. We can tailor our programme to the needs of the schools and their students. The programme includes sessions on identity and values, boundaries, gender and sexuality, consent and peer pressure, teenage relationship abuse, sexual health and contraception and pornography.

Step 2 Young People’s Health – YouTube

Tel: 01274 683118

Removing barriers for children doing sport (Free)

Provided by: Action For Sport

Action For Sport is a national charity dedicated to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate in sport. We are based in Yorkshire and are proud to support both our local communities and communities all around the UK. The charity is committed to protecting and preserving the environment through the recycling of sporting footwear, clothing and equipment. We ensure that we promote environmentalism throughout all of our projects. We do this through providing what is needed to take part in any sports to pupils that aren’t able to afford it, in a non-stigmatizing manner.

Positive Futures Schools Session (Free)

Provided by: JAMES

We engage with young people in the Keighley area on a programme of sport, activities and workshops that focus on decreasing crime and re-offending, reducing anti social behaviour and making the community safer and feel safer.

Positive Futures is a flexible project that can listen to local voices to meet local demands. If you have a need for a piece of work in Keighley around young people please contact us.

If you would like us to deliver a programme of transition, reducing ASB, personal safety, anti bullying, positive choices in primary or secondary schools or community settings please let us know. Please also contact us to refer girls to our Girl Empower project. All sessions are free of charge through Keighley Positive Futures.

Positive Holiday Activities
Do you have or know of young people in Keighley who have nothing to do in the school holidays and need positive activities to keep them busy and engaged? We do activities and trips as well as issue based work that are all free of charge so if you live in Keighley let us know. We usually do small groups for young people aged 12+ but also do some sessions with primary aged young people.

Keighley Youth Offer
We are linking with Keighley partners to promote all services and sessions available to Keighley young people.

We deliver groups of around 8 secondary students in school that need support making positive choices. Sessions can cover friendships, relationships, sexual health, staying safe, healthy eating, body image, CSE/CCE, drug and alcohol awareness, bullying, etc

Tel: 07973101834

Mental Health Champions Plus (MHC+) (Free)

Provided by: Bradford Mental Health Champion Team

What is MHC+?
MHC+ has been set up as an extension of the MHC project, and means that we can offer more tailored support to those who wish to opt in. It is for MHCs in schools who feel they are “mental health enhanced”; meaning that they are actively seeking to develop whole-school approaches to mental health and wellbeing (for example by accessing training on a range of interventions such as nurture or emotion coaching, or by signing up to the DfE Senior Mental Health Leads training).

How is being a MHC+ different to being an MHC?
As well as being able to access the support offered to MHC, MHC+s will also receive:
- A termly training session on a particular topic, which would be run during the second half of each term to alternate with the MHC update meetings
*meetings are organised by area to facilitate networking and peer support, but MHC+s can attend whichever suits them best.
- Termly supervision opportunities for MHC+ to discuss their role and practice in developing whole-school approaches to mental health and wellbeing. Six 45minute slots will be offered each term, with an Educational Psychologist, bookable in advance. Please note – these are not for discussing matters relating to individual pupils

MHC+s will also be required to complete a School-Based Emotional Wellbeing Audit towards the end of the Autumn term, and again at the end of the school year, so that we can measure impact and gather feedback.


Linking Schools Programme (Free)

Provided by: The Linking Network

The Linking Network seeks to link schools and communities together, and support work on SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural) development that can form a lever for positive whole school change. This includes exploration of British values. Our learning, from the Bradford local school linking programme, from partners we work with around the country and our direct work with schools, informs our work. We offer:

- Support and training for facilitators running a local linking project for groups of schools.
- Tried and tested classroom resources supporting linking, SMSC, meaningful approaches to British values, equalities, diversity, sense of belonging, identity.
- Training for school leadership of SMSC, British values, equalities and ethos.
- an action research SMSC Network for secondary leaders across Bradford
- Reviews and bespoke support for school ethos and culture, equalities, SMSC and British Values.
- Engage with, trial and promote excellent curriculum providers.
- Staff training in your school connected to ethos and SMSC, British Values, relationships, cohesion, equalities.

Tel: 01274 439248

Kindness, Compassion and Understanding (KCU) (Free)

Provided by: Healthy Mind Apprentices

Young people from Bradford, Craven and Calderdale have created an exciting movement aimed at addressing issues around inequality, discrimination, loneliness, poverty and prejudice that impact on the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people in the area. Their campaign, titled Kindness, Compassion and Understanding (KCU), aims to inspire people to make a conscious effort to promote kindness and empathy to friends, family, peers and people within their community – in short, an anti-bullying campaign with a difference.

The campaign centres around a track and music video within an interactive 40-minute workshop delivery. The KCU campaign now incorporates a resilience element and the importance of peer mentoring, with a follow up campaign to carry on the legacy encouraging pupils (with our support) to launch their own version of KCU. All delivery resources can be made available to be viewed, assessed and reviewed on request – resources can also be tailored to suit Special Education Needs and ethnic and cultural sensitivity requirements.

Please click on the following links to access our resources and videos:

KCU ‘Official’ Music Video: https://youtu.be/oYYOMN-1M04

KCU Explanation Resource Video: https://youtu.be/r_ITMPWlJ6M

KCU Documentary and Testimonial ‘Knowleswood Primary School, Holmewood’:


JU:MP (Free)

Provided by: Active Bradford

JU:MP is the Bradford Local Delivery Pilot, led by Active Bradford. It is a 4 year pilot programme, funded by Sport England, that aims to help children and families in North Bradford to be more active, testing and learning as we grow.


Free Social, Emotional and Mental Health Small Group Work


Inspired Young & Healthy People

We are part of the Youth in Mind (YiM) project and have been contracted to support the RIC project for ages 9- 13 in BD1, BD2, BD3, BD5, BD7, BD8 & BD9. This is a free service.

The project involves working with children aged between 9-13 to promote positive mental health and develop their self-esteem. The sessions that we deliver are Solution Focused, Person Centred and tailored to the individual young person.

We also work with a solution focused approach to support young people with social, emotional and mental health issues. The reason we promote this way of working is that the central element is how we talk and listen to young people. How we talk about events and ourselves has the capacity to change how we are. Solution focused practise aims to restore young people’s problem-solving potential and mobilise their own inner resources or resourcefulness. We like to find out from young people their strengths and finding out what works for the young person. We offer eight sessions that can be group or one to one work. The workshops have a different theme each week and will focus on individual children’s strengths, how to deal with worries, managing conflict and how to deal with bullies, teamwork and emotional regulation. These topics are delivered through exciting games and interactive activities with a core theme of fun running through them.

What We Offer
- 8 sessions with a group of young people (maximum 10 per group).
- Working with young people aged 9-13 across Bradford’s Primary and Secondary Schools. Working with young people who are struggling with their Social, Emotional, Mental Health.
- Themed Sessions (including identify children’s strengths, worries, managing conflict, how to deal with bullies, teamwork and emotional regulation).
- Strategies to build resilience.
- Themes are delivered through exciting games and interactive activities.
- Family Therapy and 1/1 counselling for those who need additional support.

Tel: 01274 665598

Free Sexual Violence Prevention Workshops (Free)

Provided by: Bradford Rape Crisis

Bradford Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Survivors Service offers participatory, age-appropriate, evidence-based workshops by Specialist sexual violence prevention facilitators:

• Create safe and supportive classroom spaces.
• Increase students’ understanding of gender stereotypes (processes and impacts.)
• Support young people to develop their critical thinking skills and media literacy.
• Increase understandings of consent and how to seek, give and not give consent.
• Enable students to recognise different kinds of abuse.
• Encourage students to challenge sexism and sexual bullying amongst their peers where possible.
• Help students to develop skills for healthy relationships.
• Ensure students know where they can seek help.

Tel: 0800 448 0710

Free Senior Mental Health Lead Training (Free)

Provided by: Bradford Educational Psychology Team

Fully-funded training for senior mental health leads in schools and FE colleges in England.

Senior mental health lead training is a major training initiative that combines the expertise of Anna Freud Centre course leaders with a valuable, engaging community of practice, to support senior mental health leads in building a sustainable, whole school approach.

All schools and FE colleges in England can now book a DfE-funded place on the training. The Department for Education have guaranteed to reserve a grant for those eligible schools and colleges who book before the grant application process is made available. This means that no matter when you book, the training will be free.

How to book
If you’d like to secure your place on our course, please follow these steps to ensure you access funding:

1. Check the eligibility of your school or FE college on the Department for Education’s terms and conditions
2. Book your place on the Bradford SMHL training
3. Complete the DfE grant funding notification form
4. When notified, apply within 2 weeks to receive funding

Free Online Counselling For Young People (Free)

Provided by: Kooth

Kooth is a free, safe and an anonymous mental health and wellbeing online service available for young people aged 10-18 across Bradford and the Bradford districts. Young people simply need to visit Kooth and sign up to join our community. There are no waiting lists, no referrals and no problem is too big or too small for the team at Kooth.

Whether young people are looking for advice or simply aren’t feeling their best Kooth offers a range of features and tools to support.

- Chat with our professional team of counsellors and wellbeing practitioners. Our team are available 365 days a year, midday to 10pm Monday to Friday and from 6pm to 10pm at weekends.
- Magazine – A place where young people can read and contribute helpful articles, personal experiences and tips from other young people.
- Moderated Discussion Boards – Young people can start or join a conversation with our friendly Kooth community about what is on their mind in a safe way.
- Personal tools – Journals, goal setting tools and mini activities to help young people feel good and track progress.
- Accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

Free Asthma and Anaphylaxis E-Learning Training (Free)

Provided by: Asthma and Anaphylaxis UK

Asthma and Anaphylaxis awareness training

From September 2019 we are offering a revised free of charge training offer to schools, as outlined below:

All school staff will be offered online training in the form of an Asthma and Anaphylaxis UK e-learning resource, which can be completed by all school staff.

These changes to our training offer will ensure that every member of school staff, including supply staff, catering staff, lunchtime supervisors, out of school facilities, caretaker etc, can receive this potentially lifesaving information. The e-learning can be completed when convenient, at individuals’ own pace, and can be revisited if not completed in one session.

Schools will be asked to confirm compliance with maintaining an asthma register and that children and young people in school have an asthma/allergy action plan. This is part of the work for schools obtaining asthma friendly status.

Asthma E-learning Module
Anaphylactic E-learning Module

Please note, trainer adrenaline auto injectors (AAI) can be obtained from the following websites:


Fix Our Food in Schools (Free)

Provided by: Fix our Food

Fix our Food is a schools network. This is a Yorkshire wide initiative, but we will be focusing on Bradford in the early stages (and is what we are linking with for the Living well in schools evaluation survey). Fix our Food in Schools provides an opportunity for primary schools to engage with a network which focuses on food for both population and planetary health – providing resources for schools, school level data to help monitoring and opportunities for children to attend events such as farm visits. We also work with schools to help them improve their whole school food environment and often seek schools to help test out new initiatives (like new indoor growing towers) or contribute to decision making/priority setting to inform policy.

Facilitated Girls Groups (Free)

Provided by: Bradford Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Survivors Service
Keighley central, Keighley east, Keighley west

Bradford Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Survivors Service offer facilitated girls groups for 14 – 18 year old girls in the Bradford and Keighley area who have experienced sexual violence or abuse, or you or your colleagues have concerns about.

Individual referrals will be based on clinical and risk assessment, their capacity to give informed consent and their decision about whether they want a service from BRC&SASS.

Tel: 0800 448 0710

Domestic Abuse Support for Parents and Children (Free)

Provided by: JAMES

JAMES is currently offering a project to support parents or young people that have previously experienced some domestic abuse or domestic violence. This can be one to one phone support, face to face support, small groups of support to children in school or activities away from school.

Tel: 07973101834

Creating Active Schools (Free)

Provided by: Creating Active Schools

This is an evidence-based behavioural science approach to facilitate organisational change that will enable all primary age pupils to be active at school for at least 30 minutes every day.

It involves ongoing support (both online and face to face) that enables schools to use the Creating Active Schools implementation model in the short, medium and long term. There is an online profile and implementation toolkit supported by in person termly training, networking and CAS Champion support. CAS Champion Support provided to JU:MP and CP5 schools only.


Cooking for a Better Start (Free)

Provided by: Better Start Bradford/HENRY
Bowling Barkerend, Bradford Moor, Little Horton

Provided by HENRY and Better Start Bradford, Cooking for a Better Start is for all parents and carers in the Better Start Bradford catchment area who want to learn how to cook low-cost, healthy meals for their family. Groups of six parents meet every week for six weeks to try out a range of straightforward recipes. Dads, mums, grandparents, aunts and uncles are all welcome – anyone who looks after a child aged under four. There will be a crèche or children can be included and everyone who takes part will take home a free cooking-related gift at the end of each week.

Tel: 07709640454

Bradford's Trans Youth Group (Free)

Provided by: Phoenix

A new youth group run by Bradford Council for Trans young people aged 13-21 runs every other Wednesday from 18:00-20:00. All young people who identify as Trans, are questioning their gender identity, or sit outside of male/female gender binaries are welcome to attend. The group is a place to discuss, share and learn about Trans identities, how to move forward and the processes of being a Trans young person.


Bradford's LGBT+ Youth Group (Free)

Provided by: BLAGY

This is a social and support group for young people aged between 14 and 25 who identify as LGBTQ+. We offer a safe space for young people to meet, network, learn, share experiences and access support and information. This takes place weekly on a Wednesday evening.

Tel: 01274 395815

Bradford Encouraging Exercise in People (BEEP) (Free)

Provided by: Bradford Council’s Sport and Culture Service

Run by the Council’s sport and culture service, BEEP (Bradford Encouraging Exercise in People) is an exercise referral programme that includes a 52 week follow up support service. BEEP offers heavily discounted exercise options with bespoke exercise plans from your BEEP exercise referral officer.

Physical activity programmes on offer include:

- gym based sessions
- swimming
- group exercise classes
- walking
- cycling
- home based programmes
- weight management services
- many more exercise options.

The BEEP scheme is a vital initiative offering safe and effective exercise options for those who might otherwise find them too expensive. This is a fantastic way of enabling those over 16 years of age to identify exercise options they enjoy and – by extension – are excited to stick at long-term.

Tel: 01274 435388

Asthma Friendly Schools Initiative - Video Introduction (Free)

Provided by: NHS

Dr Katherine Hickman, respiratory specialist and lead GP for asthma in children and young people in Bradford outlines what the Asthma Friendly Schools Initiative is, and how it will help your school feel confident supporting all pupils with asthma during their day to day lives and in the event of an asthma crisis.