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The Living Well Stop Smoking Service can help smokers in Bradford district to quit for good.

Relying on willpower is the least effective way to stop, but with the right support, you’re up to three times more likely to stop smoking.

The Living Well Stop Smoking Service offers free confidential support to help you stay motivated and quit smoking. They will help you to quit using the method that’s right for you including FREE 12 week vaping kits, Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and Bupropion. (If you normally pay for your prescriptions, usual charges will apply for NRT).

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Click the links below to watch our short films featuring local healthcare professionals and people who have successfully quit using this service.

Dr Katherine Hickman
Local GP in Bradford district

Dr Tom Pettinger
Consultant in Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Lucy Downing Maternity Support Worker at Bradford Royal Infirmary

Maryam Imran
Dental Officer for Bradford Community Dental Service

Mohammed Shaffett from Bradford
Successfully quit with help from the Living Well Service (In Urdu with English subtitles)

Shafiq Ahmed from Keighley
Successfully quit with help from the Living Well Service

Everybody has their own personal reasons for wanting to give up smoking, some people give up as part of a larger lifestyle change – to be healthier, to get fit, or to save money.

On average a smoker could save over £2,000 per year when they quit!

For some, it’s more about how their smoking affects the people around them – their family, friends and children.

Research shows that two thirds of smokers want to quit and making sure you have the support you need is key to making a successful attempt, rather than trying to quit on your own. Using the Living Well Stop Smoking Service you are three times more likely to stop smoking rather than trying to quit on your own.

It’s never too late to stop smoking and health benefits begin just 20 minutes after your last cigarette as your pulse rate starts to return to normal.

After 48 hours all of the carbon monoxide in your body will have gone and your sense of taste and smell will be noticeably improving. The longer you quit for, the more health benefits there are. After just one year your risk of having a heart attack will be half that of a smoker!

The physical health benefits of quitting smoking are well known, but quitting can also improve your mental health. Evidence shows that once people get past the short-term withdrawal stage of quitting, they have reduced anxiety, depression and stress and increased positive mood compared with people who continue to smoke. Just 6 weeks after quitting, people start feeling happier as well as healthier.

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The Living Well Stop Smoking Service has helped thousands of local people to stop smoking, make this year the year you quit for good.

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