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Physical activity

Being active is really good for your body and your mind and there are lots of easy ways to be active.

Physical activity is anything that gets you moving. It’s not just about playing sport – it can be simple things such as walking, cycling, gardening or even housework. Whatever your age, size or physical condition you will benefit from being more active. Please remember, even a little effort can make a difference! However, the more you do, the better, and taking part in activities such as sports and exercise will make help you even healthier.

You can use our activity finder to find things you can do across the district:

Living Well Activity Finder
Why should we be active?

Regular physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. People who lead an active life are more likely to live longer and happier lives and are less likely to develop serious health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

Physical activity can ease the symptoms of certain long-term health conditions. It can also help to reduce anxiety and lower your risk of other mental health conditions.

Physical activity in childhood has a number of benefits.  It helps to develop muscles, bones and joints as well as the heart and lungs. Physical activity helps children maintain a healthy weight and encourages them to interact with other people and meet other people.


Sedentary lifestyles

Sitting or lying for long periods of time is bad for health.  Lifestyles where there is lots of inactivity is called a ‘sedentary lifestyle’ and examples include spending lots of time not moving – watching TV or using a computer or using the car for short journeys.

This type of behaviour is thought to increase your risk of developing health conditions, such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes, as well as weight gain. Not only should you try to raise your activity levels, but you should also reduce the amount of time you spend sitting down. Getting up and moving is good for you.

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