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Join the 20 Minute Movement!

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The 20 Minute Movement is about making a promise to yourself to be active every day.

Government guidelines tell us that adults should do at least 150 mins of moderate intensity activity every week, so we’ve broken it down, into easily achievable 20 minute chunks!

Physical activity is one of the most effective ways to become and stay healthy. It can improve your mental and physical health and can be done by pretty much anyone. It can help to relieve stress, help you to sleep better and generally feel better overall.

Invest 20 minutes a day in your own physical health and mental wellbeing. it’s never too late to start!

You can find more information about how much physical activity you should be doing here

New Activity Search Portal

We’ve been working with Yorkshire Sport Foundation to make it easier for everyone in Bradford district to find ways to be active with others – we have created a new search portal!

The activity portal is available below – just type in your postcode to find local clubs, groups, and activities taking place across Bradford district.

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