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Val Turner – Living Well Hero


Four years ago, Val from Nabwood, Shipley was diabetic, struggling with her weight and was physically inactive.

She found herself eating too many cakes, biscuits, sweets, chocolate and crisps. When she was diagnosed as diabetic, this was the moment that she felt she had to do something to change her eating habits and improve her lifestyle.

Val decided to start being more active by walking more. She also tried some exercise videos on YouTube that are designed for older people, which then led to her joining a gym.

Val said: “One of my aims of going to the gym was to actually be able to get up off the floor a bit more elegantly than I could! Since exercising more I feel much more positive and much more energetic and I’m definitely stronger”.

Val doesn’t need to take medication for diabetes anymore and really enjoys the new lease of life being physical active has given her.

Val’s advice for others who may be thinking of making some lifestyle changes are: “Start small, go for little walks. It might just be around the block to begin with. It’s about having the right attitude and wanting to change more than exercise and food. It’s about being positive and thinking, Yeah, I can do this”.

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