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Brian Richardson – Living Well Hero

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Brian Richardson – Living Well Hero

Brian Richardson aged 37

Brian from Holmewood, decided to change his life and become more physically active to be healthier and live a better and fitter life.

Since joining Bradford Encouraging Exercise in People (BEEP) Brian feels he has benefitted by becoming more confident in himself and also happier in his personal appearance.

Brian said: “I started at the gym as an obese man. At first, I struggled with the exercise but the more I went, the easier it gradually became. I built myself up slowly and in about two months found I was able to pedal 15 miles a day!

“I ate sensibly and maintained a calorie deficit and increased my daily step count and I also made sure I got enough sleep. My mental health has really improved throughout his weight loss journey and by doing all of this, I have managed to lose an amazing 8 stone!”

Family and friends who hadn’t seen Brian for a while expressed their “complete shock” and said they couldn’t believe how well he had done and how good he now looks. He’s even had a few people jokingly say “Where have you disappeared to?” due to his weight loss achievement.

BEEP helped Brian by providing the support and motivation he needed to make these lifestyle changes. He found the advice given by BEEP staff, whilst at the gym, really helped him progress and helped to keep him motivated. It has also helped him financially as the membership is easily affordable.

Brian’s advice for others is to just go for it! He said: “Lots of people have a fear of going to the gym because they think people will stare and judge them. But I’ve found it’s not like that. It’s actually a very friendly environment and we’re all there for the same thing”.

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