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Roman Rimonis – Living Well Hero

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Roman Rimonis – Living Well Hero

Roman from Great Horton in Bradford, spends a lot of time working on his computer which keeps him mentally active, but to stay physically active, he also makes time to go to the gym three times each week.

Roman is careful with his diet and says: “You’ve only got one body so you have to look after it and it should last you a long time! I’ve never visited a fast food restaurant. I’ve never ordered a takeaway or had a ready-made meal, I always have my five a day.

“I’ve been going to the gym for many, many years now. In my earlier years I was a receptionist at a gym at the weekends and gained workout experiences, watching and learning. I realised this was going to be a long term investment and it has been beneficial to me in many ways.

“Whilst sitting at my computer, I prepare presentations and I’m on two speakers lists, so going to the gym is essential for me, it’s a good combination that keeps me mentally and physically active.

“I’ve been complimented on lots of occasions by other members of my gym, they ask me “What is the secret?” I say, it’s because I’m self-motivated. For instance, when it snowed heavily, another member was considering not coming to the gym. He said he actually thought of me, and he came after all! Another member on the same day said, “I knew you would be here.” I’m proud to be an inspiration for other members, considering I’m 75 of age”.

Roman also likes to go out walking and makes sure he does lots of stretches to keep fit and stay as mobile as possible.

Roman says: “Your body does change as you age, so my advice is to just go for it! Don’t worry about what other people may think, just concentrate on what you decide to do”

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