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Exercising at home

Set of blue exercise balls and weights.

Exercising at home is ideal if you’re not very active but want to improve your health, lift your mood and remain independent.

Don’t worry if you haven’t done much for a while. These exercises are easy and gentle, and can be done indoors and you don’t need any special equipment.

Home exercises

Gentle exercises to help improve  mobility and prevent falls

Don’t worry if you’ve not done much for a while – these  exercises are gentle and easy to follow. If you have a long term health condition, you may need to speak to your GP or health professional before starting anything new.

NHS Sitting Exercises
These gentle sitting exercises will help improve your mobility and prevent falls, and can even be done at home.

NHS Flexibility Exercises
These flexibility exercises can be done at home to help improve your health and mobility.

NHS Balance Exercises
These simple balance exercises can be done at home to help improve your health and mobility.

NHS Strength Exercises
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Strength exercises like these can be done at home to improve your health and mobility.

Active at Home
A helpful guide to help older adults stay active at home

Keeping Well at Home
​​​​​​​Keeping Well at Home – Bengali version
This booklet provides helpful tips and advice for keeping active and well within your home.

To request an Urdu version please e-mail actasone@nhs.net

Everyday exercises for all abilities

NHS 10-minute home cardio workout
Burn calories, lose weight and feel great with this 10-minute home cardio workout routine for aerobic fitness

BBC Everyday exercise
How to work out at home without equipment

Better Health home workout videos
A selection of 10 minute workout videos you can do at home

NHS Fitness Studio
24 instructor-led videos across aerobic exercise, strength and resistance, and pilates and yoga categories

Tai Chi for Wellbeing
Simple Tai Chi exercises demonstrated in English and Urdu

Exercises and games for children

Join Us: Move. Play
​​​​​​​Fun activities for children that don’t require a lot of space or specialist equipment. Family members with different abilities can also join in.

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