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Living Well Hero Steve

This habit caused serious damage to his health and in the past few years Steve has had three heart attacks, a heart bypass and also needed a couple of stents. He suffers from COPD and he knows this is all due to smoking.

Steve found it difficult to get walk up stairs without assistance and also needed help bathing and dressing, which left him with little dignity.

This year Steve collapsed and was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with sepsis and pneumonia. When he came home he collapsed twice more. All from the damage that has been caused to his heart through smoking.

Helped by the Living Well stop smoking team at Thornton medical centre, Steve has now managed to reduce his cigarette intake to less than three per day. He is still receiving support from a member of the stop smoking team and with his help Steve is sure he can quit! He aims to be completely smoke free in the next couple of weeks.

Steve has now got his dignity back, he can walk upstairs, bathe and dress himself. His finances have improved and he is looking forward to being able to afford a holiday!

Steve says that when he smoked, he noticed people reeling away from him because his clothes and breath smelled of smoke. He feels far more confident meeting people now as he knows he doesn’t smell like an ashtray!

Steve says that with the right support anyone who is serious about quitting will be able to do so.

You can get support to stop smoking by calling the Living Well team on 01274 437700.

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