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Every Move Counts

The physical activity strategy for Bradford district

This strategy has been shaped by people and communities from across the Bradford district, for Bradford district.

This physical activity strategy builds on existing achievements and reinforces the commitment to creating an active district for everyone. It has been developed through extensive co-production with partners, stakeholders, organisations and local communities from across the district.

Why does it matter?

  • Low levels of physical activity are a major public health challenge, contributing to demand on health and social care services.
  • Being active brings a wide range of mental and physical health benefits for people.
  • Being active also benefits communities, the economy and the environment, infact the strategy will help contribute towards achieving net-zero and in our ongoing work on the climate emergency.
  • The strategy also includes a focus on reducing sedentary behaviours, such as sitting in a chair while reading or working, or a child sitting in a car seat or buggy which also negatively affects our health too.