Drugs & Alcohol

Drugs & Alcohol

The misuse of drugs, alcohol and/or other substances can cause significant harm to individuals, their families and communities as a whole. This can include for individuals harm to physical and mental health, employment status and for some, the ability to take care of basic needs.  Families may experience relationships breakdown, damage to their own health and well being and there may be a long term impact on young people affected by parental substance misuse. 

Addiction can be treated and support is available so take time to have a look at our resources sections to understand what support my suit you and your family's needs the best.

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Drug treatment is a preventable and treatable condition with  every £1 spent on drug treatment saving £2.50 in overall costs to society. It makes communities safer, protects public health and helps drug users overcome addiction. Drug misuse is a constantly changing landscape and although the numbers of Heroin and Crack Cocaine users are reducing there are emerging substances such as `Spice` and other new psychoactive substances which our services are aware of , will adapt and and will respond to.

Alcohol consumption is a national issue with 10.4 million adults estimated to be drinking at levels that pose some risk to their heath. Alcohol is the third leading risk factor for death and disability after smoking and obesity and also increases the risk of a range of cancers. In the Bradford District it is estimated that around 92,000 people are drinking at hazardous levels that may damage their health with approximately 17,000 of those drinking at harmful levels. The proportion of young people in the UK drinking alcohol remains well above the European average.  
It is important therefore that where possible people can make positive choices regarding the use of any substance and that support is available, and taken, to enable children, young people and families to resist or reduce substance misuse and to sustain or improve health and wellbeing.  
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