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Goal setting in the Living Well website

Did you know that you can use the Living Well website to set goals for your health and wellbeing? 

Evidence shows that if you set a specific goal to do something, you are more likely to achieve it.  When it comes to improving health, taking one step at a time is a good idea and the ‘Goal Setting’ function in the Living Well website can help you with this.  Here’s how to use it:

  1. Create a log in for the Living Well website – all you need is an e-mail address and to create a password
  2. When you log in, go to ‘Goals
  3. Click ‘New Goal’ – add what you’re trying to achieve here – keep it simple e.g eat more healthily, get more active etc
  4. Click ‘Add Task’ – it makes it easier to achieve a goal by breaking it down into tasks and adding a time by which you’ll do it
  5. You can add as many tasks as you like but try to keep it to no more than two or three at any point – you can always add more as you progress
  6. When you’ve added your task/s click ‘Back to Goals’
  7. You’ll see your goals listed
  8. If you want to update your goal, e.g when you’ve completed a task, click ‘Update’. You can mark a task as ‘complete’, delete it, or add more
  9. When all the tasks are done you can mark your goal as complete – you’ve achieved your goal!

You can use this feature to set as many goals as you like, to keep track of what you’re doing and remind you of all your achievements.

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