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Living Well Hero Julie

Julie visited her GP who gave her some exercises to try and she found it really helped. She joined a slimming club and a few weeks later returned for a follow up appointment. As the exercises were proving to help, Julie’s GP referred her to BEEP (Bradford Encouraging Exercise in People) which is an exercise referral service which aims to get people who are inactive, active. You can find more details about BEEP here.

Julie joined her local gym, with a reduced membership scheme through BEEP and followed the exercise plan they made for her. After a few weeks she started to notice an improvement in her health and was feeling a lot better. She then felt able to go swimming and even joined an aqua aerobics class! She enjoyed this so much she now takes her grandchildren swimming and has encouraged other family members to join the gym too!

This has all made a huge difference to Julie’s life. She feels healthier, is more confident in herself, sleeps better and she has made lots of new friends.

More importantly, Julie’s efforts have meant she is not considered diabetic anymore, she is not in the diabetic range at all which is great news. Her COPD has improved with her levels dropping by six years and she no longer suffers with any leg pain at all.

By losing weight safely and effectively, Julie has made significant changes to her health. Although she says she still has a “long way to go” the future looks bright for Julie who says it’s never too late to start changing your life, she’s 57 years old and is enjoying every minute!

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