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Relationships Matter – Bradford Families and Young Persons

Relationships Matter

Relationships are an important part of a healthy lifestyle for both our physical and mental health.

The relationships we have with those around us make a big difference to how happy we are, how our children thrive and how we get though the challenges in life we sometimes face.

We all have disagreements and fall out with people, it’s a natural part of relationships. Disagreements can be big and small, whether it’s how we want to bring up our children, to who spends the most money, to who last did the washing up! Not all disagreements are damaging, it’s how we deal with them that is important.

When disagreements are not resolved, happen frequently or there are long periods of the ‘silent treatment’ they can turn into conflict. Whether parents are together or separated, the way you and your partner communicate can impact on your children.

Parental conflict is not the same as domestic abuse – if you’re afraid of your partner or feeling that they control your life then this could be domestic abuse. You can find help by visiting the link at the end of this article to find information on ways to access help and support.

You can find lots of helpful information on the website on ways to recognise parental conflict. Along with some short films of people’s real experiences that highlight how these issues affect children and their families. Free online courses are also available and links to local support and free parenting programmes.

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