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Who We Are

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Welcome to Living Well Schools for Bradford District.

Living Well Schools aims to transform the health and wellbeing of pupils to achieve better educational outcomes and live happier, healthier more fulfilling lives.

Living Well Schools is designed to help school staff improve the health and wellbeing of pupils in their care. It’s a place for schools to access relevant guidance, resources, services and training to help make this possible.

The Living Well Schools website is divided into three main areas to promote a whole school approach to:

  • improve physical health
  • improve social and emotional health
  • reduce classroom inequalities

There is also a support directory with links to services and resources.

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Our Approach

Living Well Schools enables a whole child, whole school, whole community approach.  It invites a range of partners to work together to:

  • support school leaders to transform their schools into places promoting healthy lifestyle choices alongside learning
  • help children and young people to live healthier, more active lives, benefiting both their physical and mental wellbeing
  • ensure that healthy behaviours learned at school continue into adulthood
  • tackle inequalities across all settings creating equal outcomes for all children in Bradford district schools

This website aims to be a single access point for services, resources and support available to achieve these objectives.

These resources will help to unlock our local schools’ potential, driving positive change across the district.

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Governance and Accountability

Living Well Schools is led by a leadership team that includes representatives from local government, education and academia.

Committed to collaboration and co-design, the team also includes the expertise of a broader network of partners, including voluntary and community groups, youth ambassadors and academic institutions.

This collaboration allows Living Well Schools to combine creativity, operational capacity, research, data and intelligence. This will create tools and interventions which will unlock the potential of Bradford’s young people.