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Living Well Schools brings together locally available programmes, staff training, resources and toolkits to support social and emotional wellbeing.

By helping schools to meet the wellbeing needs of students, we aim to ensure they complete their education equipped with both academic and interpersonal skills to enable them to have happy and fulfilled lives.

Below are links to mental health and wellbeing initiatives, that are currently available for schools in Bradford district.

The Thrive Framework has been used to map out services and interventions available to schools across Bradford. More details on the Thrive Framework can be found here Thrive Model

Spotlight Programs

Mental Health Champions Plus (MHC+) (Free)

Provided by: Bradford Mental Health Champion Team

What is MHC+?
MHC+ has been set up as an extension of the MHC project, and means that we can offer more tailored support to those who wish to opt in. It is for MHCs in schools who feel they are “mental health enhanced”; meaning that they are actively seeking to develop whole-school approaches to mental health and wellbeing (for example by accessing training on a range of interventions such as nurture or emotion coaching, or by signing up to the DfE Senior Mental Health Leads training).

How is being a MHC+ different to being an MHC?
As well as being able to access the support offered to MHC, MHC+s will also receive:
- A termly training session on a particular topic, which would be run during the second half of each term to alternate with the MHC update meetings
*meetings are organised by area to facilitate networking and peer support, but MHC+s can attend whichever suits them best.
- Termly supervision opportunities for MHC+ to discuss their role and practice in developing whole-school approaches to mental health and wellbeing. Six 45minute slots will be offered each term, with an Educational Psychologist, bookable in advance. Please note – these are not for discussing matters relating to individual pupils

MHC+s will also be required to complete a School-Based Emotional Wellbeing Audit towards the end of the Autumn term, and again at the end of the school year, so that we can measure impact and gather feedback.


Free Online Counselling For Young People (Free)

Provided by: Kooth

Kooth is a free, safe and an anonymous mental health and wellbeing online service available for young people aged 10-18 across Bradford and the Bradford districts. Young people simply need to visit Kooth and sign up to join our community. There are no waiting lists, no referrals and no problem is too big or too small for the team at Kooth.

Whether young people are looking for advice or simply aren’t feeling their best Kooth offers a range of features and tools to support.

- Chat with our professional team of counsellors and wellbeing practitioners. Our team are available 365 days a year, midday to 10pm Monday to Friday and from 6pm to 10pm at weekends.
- Magazine – A place where young people can read and contribute helpful articles, personal experiences and tips from other young people.
- Moderated Discussion Boards – Young people can start or join a conversation with our friendly Kooth community about what is on their mind in a safe way.
- Personal tools – Journals, goal setting tools and mini activities to help young people feel good and track progress.
- Accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

Free Senior Mental Health Lead Training (Free)

Provided by: Bradford Educational Psychology Team

Fully-funded training for senior mental health leads in schools and FE colleges in England.

Senior mental health lead training is a major training initiative that combines the expertise of Anna Freud Centre course leaders with a valuable, engaging community of practice, to support senior mental health leads in building a sustainable, whole school approach.

All schools and FE colleges in England can now book a DfE-funded place on the training. The Department for Education have guaranteed to reserve a grant for those eligible schools and colleges who book before the grant application process is made available. This means that no matter when you book, the training will be free.

How to book
If you’d like to secure your place on our course, please follow these steps to ensure you access funding:

1. Check the eligibility of your school or FE college on the Department for Education’s terms and conditions
2. Book your place on the Bradford SMHL training
3. Complete the DfE grant funding notification form
4. When notified, apply within 2 weeks to receive funding

Dedicated Resources


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Rachel Lee - Teacher – RSE
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