Physical activity case study

Living Well Heroes Ross and Deborah

We were delighted when Deborah and Ross from Shipley agreed to be our Living Well heroes. It’s going to be a while before gigs, live music and nightclubs are back to ‘normal’ but that's no excuse not to enjoy a boogie! And the good news is… every night can be Friday night for a kitchen disco!

Deborah & Ross’s story:

In lockdown, my partner and I have taken up new crafts, from needle felting to 3D printing!  We also do something together each day to help prevent isolation and low mood. We now walk the dog together as much as we can around Shipley.

I have to say that this lockdown has been such a mixed bag of emotions for me. I have had some low times and some good days.

When I have been feeling low I have turned to my family for support. I have done Facebook video calls with my mum and sister which has helped massively and I have also ensured I spend quality time with my husband walking the dog together and chatting about our day.

Deborah & Ross’s hints, tips and ideas:

  • Get outside in the fresh air, being active is vital for your mental and physical health.
  • Going to gym/work out outdoors with my trainer when I have been able to also helps as it is like a little community there and the people are so nice and helpful.
  • Learn something new. I have learned a new craft of needle felting which is easy and so therapeutic.
  • Listening to music you enjoy can really help to boost your mood and also relieve stress!
  • Think about volunteering. I have helped by doing the NHS responders as I think it makes you feel better knowing you have helped someone else in need.
  • Try to stay positive and talk through my feelings as much as possible.
  • Living well is about doing something together each day; from walking the dog to dancing in the kitchen. It’s just the simple things in being more active.

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