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February is LGBTQ+ History Month

Who is it for?

LGBTQ+ History Month is for everyone; whether you work in education, a museum, a library or an art gallery, a business, a service, or are a member of a network/social group or an individual. It is celebrated over the month of February each year.

The 2024 theme Medicine – #UnderTheScope celebrates LGBTQ+ peoples’ contribution to the field of medicine and healthcare both historically and today.

Why should we support and celebrate it?

For so long LGBTQ+ people and their history were hidden. Things have improved for many people in the UK thanks to changes in the law and a more embracing society, but not everyone is free to live the life they want. For some LGBTQ+ populations, the world can be a hostile and isolating place to be, with discrimination still existing in the UK and many other countries.

If we show our support and celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month together, we can:

  • Understand the importance of LGBTQ+ history.
  • Let people in Bradford understand we value them.
  • Create a more inclusive future.

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Case Study

Why it’s important to celebrate LGBTQ+ communities and reflect on history.

I took my first job at 16 in 1989, yes this means I have recently entered my glamourous 50’s.

For context, this means when I started work life the age of consent was not equal and it also means that when I was at school during the dreaded Section 28 which  ‘banned promoting homosexuality in the school setting or the acceptability of it as a pretend family relationship’ was in place.

Neither really mattered to me too much at the time because I wasn’t that sure I was gay and I went to my high school as little as I could possibly get away with (Remember the internet didn’t exist – so if I’d have wanted to talk to others I couldn’t). Also, I didn’t know anyone who was gay, in my world my experience was that nothing nice was ever said about gay people or people who ‘acted’ gay in any way.

I came out relatively late I suppose in my early 20’s, after my first child, mainly because of the fear. Things have got better for most people than they use to be, but Homophobia and Transphobia still very much exist.  LGBTQ+ History Month provides a much needed space to reflect and celebrate!

I can honestly say however that having been in the workforce for 35 years I think Bradford Council is the first place I have ever worked that really seems to get behind the LGBTQ+ community and staff (I have worked in other publicly funded posts where this was definitely not the case).

So, on behalf of our LGBTQ+ staff here at the council – Well Done CBMDC, Keep it up!

It does matter to people living and working in Bradford, we do appreciate your support in celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month and supporting Pride. It does make us more likely to choose you and stay with you.

Staff Member, Bradford Council. x

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