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Living Well Hero Majid

Although it’s been a tough year, the lockdown gave my family some bonding time where we watched movies together, and did some cooking and baking together. I had a great bonding time with my daughter (youngest) where every morning we would exercise together and enjoy evening walks in our garden area talking with each other and giving me an opportunity to share with her.

It has been an emotional, challenging year to say the least. Some members of my family had to shield for the best part of a year. However, we kept occupied by playing games indoors and kept in touch with friends over video chat.

I’ve got to know more of neighbours by reaching out to them, as I enjoy socialising and making new friends.  There may be people in the community who are shy or lack confidence in communicating/socialising which is why I’m a person who prefers to reach out to such individuals.  Sometimes it takes ‘you’ to make the first move or reach out to others with a simple “hello”!

During lockdown my son played his Ukelele to entertain the community from the safety of his garden, entertaining people who live alone, the elderly and vulnerable members of the community.  My daughter used art to encourage other children to paint and draw. Some children were unable to leave their homes due to shielding so they painted and communicated through their bedroom windows.

When reaching out to neighbours during lockdown I helped to educate and entertain them cooking outdoors so they could watch and learn whilst I made a curry. I also did some story times for younger children using a friends’ battery operated mic.

I have also helped elderly, vulnerable, medically and physically challenged people with their shopping and medicine supplies.

My wife and I have often sat outside in the evenings. We’ve seen bats, foxes, hedgehogs and lots of other night-dwelling creatures – a free wildlife programme!  A cat often visited us who we have since adopted and named ‘Jewels’. The cat has become a great family companion for my wife, children and friends, providing many hours of pass-time activity.

Majid’s hints, tips and ideas:

  • Sometimes it takes ‘you’ to make the first move or reach out to others with a simple “hello”! Having a conversation can make the world of difference to someone and help them to have a better day.
  • Reach out to elderly and vulnerable people in your community who may need help with shopping.
  • If you know how to play a musical instrument, play it in your garden for others to enjoy.
  • Spend time outside enjoying natural wildlife. Experiencing nature is great for our wellbeing.

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