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Long (or post Covid) Rehabilitation Guide

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Long (or post Covid) Rehabilitation Guide

After developing Covid-19 people usually start to feel well again in a few weeks. Unfortunately, some people take longer to get better. Long Covid can affect your whole body. Ongoing or new symptoms of Covid-19 can change and also come and go over a period of time.

People who have had Covid-19 (with or without a positive test) and have symptoms that last more than four weeks may find this self-help rehabilitation guide helpful

This booklet will help you as you recover from Covid-19 and you should share it with any friends, family members or carers who may be supporting you.

This booklet has been developed by a range of healthcare professionals working together to help people with Long Covid. It includes self-help information to help you recover from specific problems and links to additional services and resources that could help you as part of your recovery.

Long (or post Covid) service

Our long (or post Covid) service is open for referrals. At the moment this is through your GP practice, following an initial assessment which a health care professional from your GP practice will carry out. Sometimes people have ongoing needs for longer than 12 weeks. This is called ‘post Covid syndrome’ or ‘long Covid’. This can be normal following Covid-19 and there are services that can help.

If you still have ongoing needs despite the advice in this booklet, please return to your GP who will consider referring you to the post Covid syndrome assessment pathway. Please note this pathway has been developed for patients who have symptoms, with no other known cause, for 12 weeks or longer following Covid-19.

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Post Covid-19 Self Help Rehabilitation Guide

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