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Living well with dementia

What is dementia?

Dementia describes a group of symptoms, including problems with memory, thinking and speaking as well as behavioural changes. The diseases that cause dementia are not a normal part of ageing.

The biggest risk factor for dementia is age. The older we are, the more likely we are to develop a disease that causes dementia, but these diseases are not a normal part of ageing.

There are many diseases that cause dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies and frontotemporal dementia.

Our risk of dementia is made up of many complex factors, including our age, environment, lifestyle, health and whether we carry any risk genes. But there are many things we can do to reduce our risk. Use the links below to find out more.

Alzheimers Research UK

This website provides information about the most common causes of dementia, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and support. There are pages on genetics and reducing your risk too. The information does not replace any advice given by doctors, nurses or pharmacists, but aims to give background information which you may find helpful.

Living Well with Dementia

We have produced a guide to living well with dementia. Inside you can find lots of helpful advice and links to further information.

Knowledge is Power

This is a link to a booklet that was written by people living with dementia, for people living with dementia.

Brain Health Network – Helping keep your brain healthy

How often do you think about the health of your brain? Well, that’s what the Brain Health Network are all about – brain health! They provide information and simple steps to help people lower the risk of neurodegeneration, as well as to stay sharp and feel good day to day.

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