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James from Laisterdyke talks about food swaps.

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James from Laisterdyke talks about food swaps he is making

James from Laisterdyke made some easy food swaps and has really benefitted from the change. He’s found that he now has more energy, is feeling happier and has become more confident as he has also lost some excess weight too.

James decided to change the way he was eating as he previously had an active job before lockdown – then things changed and he found he was sitting down much more to work throughout the day.

He decided to make some simple swaps, just little things like swapping a mid-morning snack of a bag of crisps to an apple, sometimes adding peanut butter to mix it up. He cut out sugary drinks and pop for water and swapped white rice for brown rice.

James has swapped and you can too!

Top tips from James – Swap when you cook!

  • Cook brown rice instead of white rice
  • Plan your meals
  • Instead of takeaway, have a go at making your own with fresh ingredients as its healthier
  • Swap crisps for apple slices with a spoonful of peanut butter

You can find out how to make easy swaps here

You can also download lots of handy information as a toolkit you can keep here

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