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Mohammed from Manningham talks about food swaps.

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Mohammed from Manningham talks about food swaps he is making

Mohammed and his family realized they were eating too many takeaways and drinking lots of fizzy pop which could easily be changed, so they decided to make some healthy swaps to improve their wellbeing.

Mohammed from Manningham lives at home with his parents, brother and his brother’s wife. They decided to reduce the amount of sugar and salt when cooking their meals and stopped drinking fizzy, sugary drinks and started drinking water instead. They now include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables in their meals and snacks.

Mohammed has found that his mood has lifted and the whole family has benefitted from making a few simple swaps.

Mohammed has swapped and you can too!

Top tips from Mohammed – Swap when you snack!

  • Swap fizzy pop for water
  • Swap full fat milk for semi skimmed milk
  • swap white bread for brown bread
  • Snack on fruit and vegetables

You can find out how to make easy swaps here

You can also download lots of handy information as a toolkit you can keep here

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