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Living Well Heroes Rozina and Lorrett

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Living Well Heroes Rozina and Lorrett

Rozina’s story:

Photography has been my new, most enjoyable hobby in lockdown. I think if we look around us more deeply at nature and how beautiful things are, we feel much more calm, relaxed and happier.

I’m not a fan of winter but it’s opened my eyes to how pretty nature can be in winter too. So I would recommend we use our phones for much more than just selfies and contact but to connect with nature. I love taking close up photos for life around us.

Rozina’s hints, tips and ideas:

  • Try and include one outdoor activity into your day, even if it’s a walk around the block.
  • Visit green, open spaces and enjoy nature with its change of seasons.
  • Make time for the messy things. Bike rides, baking, painting, exploring. It can be difficult but it’s all about making memories with your children.
  • Taking more natural photos has been a great help to me too to capture the memories we are making.

Lorrett’s story:

Lorrett has three children (14, 10 and 4 years old), she says “Before the first lockdown I had recently become a mum again, I was studying to get my teaching qualifications, moving home and working.

I had started to become overwhelmed by everything when the lockdown started. For the first time, everything stopped. This was a perfect opportunity just to do things I never had time to do before, like spending quality time with the kids.

Going for long walks talking and getting to my oldest daughter again. We have found a new love for going for long walks and enjoying the local green spaces. The view is beautiful, you’re out in the open air, no distractions of phones, gaining all the health benefits of walking and the company of the kids. I have found this to be therapeutic for all of us. When it was allowed, we even set up a walking group. We have been encouraging families and children to enjoy being outside.

We started leaving decorated pebbles in the park for children to enjoy when they are out walking, which has taken on a life it’s and something for the little ones to enjoy. We’ve managed to take some great pictures of places we have visited and found a new found appreciation for being outside.

Lorrett’s hints, tips and ideas:

  • Go for walks with a loved one. A few moments outside really can lift your mood!
  • Set yourself small, personal challenges.
  • To get moving, use a pedometer to count the steps. It’s an easy way to keep fit and healthy!
  • Walking is free and can be done with families. It’s good for mind, body and soul.

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