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Being physically active is important from birth onwards. Walking, cycling and scooting to school are great ways for children to start the day and it energises them ready for a day at school.

We would like parents and carers to try more active ways of travelling to school every day wherever possible. If you usually drive your children to school, you can still join in by parking a little further away and walking some of the journey.

You could take part in the annual Walk to School Week. Previously families who joined in found it so beneficial they carried on throughout the year.

Watch this short film to see some of the benefits of being active on the way to school!

Make walking to and from school more fun for children! Why not download our free A-Z planner What Did You See?

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20 Minute Movement for schools, children and families

An activation pack is available with free resources for schools to make it easier to support their staff and pupils to be more active

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