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Healthy food swaps

Below are lots of food swaps you can make throughout the day. They’re healthy, tasty and often cheaper too!

You can also watch this short film showing 10 easy food swaps.

Food Swap Alternative
Jam SWAP FOR Mashed banana on toast or stirred into low-fat yoghurt
Sugar on cereal SWAP FOR Fresh, canned, dried, or frozen berries
Crisps and dip SWAP FOR Carrot, cucumber or celery sticks with hummus
Vegetable curry SWAP FOR Spicy stir-fried vegetables cooked with a small amount of oil, instead of ghee-based vegetable curries
Chips SWAP FOR Home made oven-baked potato, sweet potato, or celeriac wedges
Butter SWAP FOR Low-fat spread or any made with mono-unsaturated fat. You can also use reduced fat cream cheese instead of butter in sandwiches
Cheese SWAP FOR Reduced-fat version of your favourite cheese. Try using cottage cheese on baked potatoes and in sandwiches, there are lots of flavours available
Fried eggs SWAP FOR Scrambled, boiled, poached egg or Egg Bhurji the Indian version of scrambled eggs
Split-pot yoghurt/Rassomalai SWAP FOR Fat-free Greek or natural yoghurt with a handful of fresh or dried fruit
Full fat milk SWAP FOR Semi-skimmed or skimmed milk. Semi skimmed is only suitable for children 2 years and skimmed for children 5 years
White pitta bread SWAP FOR Wholemeal pittas – a great swap that will help you feel fuller for longer. Try as a pizza base – just add your favourite toppings and grill
White bread SWAP FOR Wholemeal bread – tastes great and will help you feel fuller for longer
Biscuits & cake bars SWAP FOR Malt loaf
Streaky bacon SWAP FOR Grilled back bacon with the fat trimmed off
Burgers, kebabs, sausages SWAP FOR Lean meats like chicken and turkey
Battered fish SWAP FOR Fish fillet coated in homemade breadcrumbs or crushed cream-crackers!
Sausages SWAP FOR Vegetarian sausages, grilled or oven-baked (check they are reduced fat and low salt)
Ghee and butter SWAP FOR Sunflower, rapeseed or olive oil
Sugary cereals SWAP FOR Weetabix, natural muesli, shredded wheat or porridge, sweeten with berries or dried fruit
White flour SWAP FOR Wholewheat flour is just as good for cooking. Try making dry roasted Methi Paratha instead of Aloo Paratha
Naan and Paratha SWAP FOR Oats Cheela - you could also add dry fried vegetables
Rice SWAP FOR Mung beans. You can also use mung beans in Khichdi to bulk out casseroles and soups
Minced beef SWAP FOR Tinned beans, pulses and lentils. Use in curries and soups or to replace half the mince in chilli or bolognaise
Crisps SWAP FOR Popcorn – make your own or buy plain. Sprinkle with cinnamon, paprika, chilli powder, pepper
Roasted peanuts SWAP FOR A small handful of unsalted almonds, cashews, Brazil's, walnuts, peanuts and pistachios (be aware of nut allergies)
Sweets/Gulab jamun/Halva SWAP FOR Sugar free jelly
Biscuits SWAP FOR Crispbreads, oat cakes, rice cakes – spread with a little pure peanut, cashew or almond butter and top with fruit (be aware of nut allergies)

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