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We’re working in partnership with Weight Watchers to help create a healthier Bradford district!

We are offering 12 weeks FREE with WW

Experience the NEW! WW PersonalPoints™ programme, get weight-loss strategies in person or virtually from expert WW Coaches, and connect with other members – on your schedule. In-person, anytime support, plus our award-winning app

Based on groundbreaking nutritional and behaviour-change research, WW rewards you for healthy habits so you stick with them! For the first time ever, you can add Points to your Budget by doing healthy things like eating veggies, drinking water, or moving more.

​​​​​​​(T&Cs apply – see how to get your free membership below)

How can Weight Watchers help you?

Unlike other weight-loss programmes, we look at calories and complex nutrition data to create one simple number: a food’s PersonalPoints™ value. For the first time, you can also add Points to your Budget by making good-for-you habits more rewarding and likely to stick! It’s exactly why healthier eating feels easier on WW plans.

How to get this offer:

  • Be aged 18 years or over
  • Live in Bradford district
  • Have a BMI of 25 or over
To get your 12  weeks free, please email your name, address and postcode to:


A member of the Living Well team will email you back with further instructions on joining the programme. You will receive a further follow up  email with a survey link to check how you have found and engaged with the offer (completion of the survey is not required to access the programme and will not impact on the offer).

Not sure what your BMI is?

You can use our handy calculator to work it out here​​​​​​​

When you join Weight Watchers you will get:

  • NEW! Completely customised food plan (no two are the same!) and PersonalPoints™ Budget
  • Food, activity, water, sleep, and weight trackers
  • Barcode scanner, recipe database, and restaurant finder
  • Meditations and all-level workouts
  • Weekly check-in and progress report
  • 24/7 Coach Chat
  • Coach-led, science-backed Workshops that deliver scientific behaviour change techniques for weight loss
  • A Workshop group to motivate and inspire you, whenever you need it
  • Delicious seasonal recipes, complete with NEW Points values

You’re unique – your weight-loss plan should be too! Get a plan that’s yours, and only yours

We’ll say it again: no two are the same! When you join WW, we’ll ask you a series of questions via our PersonalPoints™ Engine, then we’ll design your unique PersonalPoints™ Budget and individualised ZeroPoint™ food list tailored to the foods you love and can’t live without.

Stay supported, your way

How you live WW is also – are you sensing a trend? – up to you. Whether you want a self-guided journey, or a community to lean on, you can find your membership match by taking our personal assessment.

Track, eat, add, repeat!

Our new programme makes healthy choices easier and more rewarding so they feel celebratory – not like work. For the first time in WW history, you have the power to grow your Budget, not just see it go down. Add Points by eating non-starchy veggies, drinking water, and being active.

Move more

Find on-demand workouts (for all levels), sync your fitness tracker, and earn Points along the way.

Get expert help

WW Coaches are experts in our new programme, so reach out via 24/7 chat with a Coach whenever you have questions.

Sleep better and shift your mindset

The sleep-weight connection is real: science shows people who get less shut-eye are hungrier throughout the day. We’ll help you get better ZZZs, plus overcome common roadblocks like stress eating.

See your progress

Access your progress report at any time to stay on the right path – and, just as important, celebrate victories along the way!

Please note: If you are pregnant you should not be referred to this service – you should be monitored by your midwife.

If you are currently a member of any of these programmes, you cannot use this offer in conjunction with your membership. This offer is for new members only, so you must choose a provider that you’re not currently subscribed to

If you require a carer to attend meetings with you please let us know when you email us.

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